PacWest Consulting Partners is a boutique strategy consultancy and market intelligence firm that specializes in the energy, industrial, and resources sectors. Much of its work is focused around the oilfield and the many industries that supply critical products and services to it. With the explosion of unconventional resources in North America and increasingly internationally, the energy landscape is changing quickly. PacWest is at the forefront of the changes in the US and in global energy markets resulting from the development of unconventional oil/gas resources. We work with companies to better understand the market and develop and implement new strategies to position themselves for growth.

Capability Highlights

Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing has become the largest segment of the oilfield services market. It is critical to stimulating production from unconventional reservoirs.  Pressure pumping is the fastest growing oilfield services market segment, by far the largest part of the pressure pumping market is hydraulic fracturing, roughly three-quarters of market value.

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Water management has always been an important activity in the development and production of oil/gas resources. However, water’s importance has increased dramatically with emergence of wide-scale development of shale resources for oil and gas production.

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Due to the dramatic growth in hydraulic fracturing, stimulation chemicals has become one of the most rapidly growing segments of the oilfield chemicals market.

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Supplier Health

In today’s globalized economy, supply chains continue to become ever-more complex and sprawling. Most companies utilize hundreds, if not thousands, of suppliers. The failure of just a single supplier can carry major implications for the continuity of business operations and the delivery of critical products and services.

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Rig & Completion Activity Forecasting (WellIQ)

As rig and well completion counts have diverged in recent years, better estimates of well completions / wells frac’ed have become critical as the most relevant metric for properly measuring and forecasting oilfield activity.  WellIQ is the only market intelligence product available that provides detailed play-by-play well completion counts and forecast for all US and Canadian oilfield regions.

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Natural Gas Powering the Oilfield (Dual-Fuel)

Dual-fuel technology enables frac pumps, drilling rigs, and onsite generators to operate on a blend of diesel and natural gas and is an emerging technology trend in the oilfield today. PacWest is on the leading edge of monitoring and forecasting how this trend will impact the oilfield.

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PacWest quoted in Bloomberg


PacWest Consulting Partners, an IHS company, was quoted in Bloomberg on crude pricing drop in India, which accelerated when the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, whose members control about 40 percent of global oil production, voted in November to maintain output in an effort to protect its market share. “We have seen buyers of all


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