PacWest quoted in Businessweek article on Halliburton


According to a Businessweek article on April 21, 2014, Halliburton expects to increase earnings per share in the second quarter by 25 percent from the first, with “even more increases after that,” said Lesar, Halliburton CEO.

Fracking prices are expected to remain flat this year in the U.S. and Canada and increase in some regions in early 2015, according to a Feb. 14 report by PacWest Consulting Partners in Houston. That’s after tumbling 14 percent in 2012 and by another 7 percent last year, the consultant said. About 16.7 million horsepower for fracking is competing to meet demand for 12.7 million this year.

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The Guardian Notes Energy Industry Advancements in Water Treatment


PacWest cited in a recent “The Guardian” article on advancements in water treatment:

“Competition over water between different industries – and the prospect of regulations on use – has pushed oil and gas drillers to invest in on-site water treatment, says Christopher Robart, a partner at PacWest Consulting Partners, which tracks about 100 water companies serving the oil and gas industry. These well-heeled industrial companies have created an environment to stress-test water treatment technologies that might have withered in the lab or never been deployed at scale.”

Robart continues by explaining that oil companies are looking at water issues as a major risk, however he notes that, “putting water treatment processes into the field has helped bring down the cost of products significantly in the past few years, Robart says. PacWest Consulting, which estimates the oil and gas water treatment market was $716m last year, projects it will grow 23% annually through 2016.”

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PacWest Market Update Conference Call Playback


PacWest Market Update Conference Call for 2013 Q4

PacWest hosted an open call on the hydraulic fracturing market on February 27th at 10:00 AM CDT.

You can download a playback of the PW Conf Call 13Q4.

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Alexander Robart Discusses Frac’ Water Management in Global Water Intelligence



Global Water Intelligence Publication discusses outlook for frac water in which it suggests: as the market continues to mature, and frac’ water recycling and reuse become more widely accepted, the integrated model of frac’ water management will continue to gain ground.


Alexander Robart shared that as operators become more advanced in how they think about water, “they’re going to have to think harder about how they tie all these things together.” The article posits the unanswered question about timing of when this will occur. “US frac’ water specialists and technology firms have beaten the drum for water recycling and increased integration for years, but the adoption of reuse and the market integration that comes with it have been slow to gain traction. Robart said that – barring any disruptive technological breakthroughs – PacWest’s most recent projections (see chart above) give him little reason to believe that a dramatic uptake of recycling or a wide shift towards integration is coming before 2016.” Currently, in industry it appears that water utilization will evolve into long-term outlook.

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New Ceramic Proppant has Potential to Address Flowback Issues


New ceramic proppant being tested has unique potential because of its shape.  Robart says “the proppant process creates an “ant farm” look within the fracture, and the fibers keep the proppant in place to avoid flowback issues.”

“One of the two inventors of the distinctively-shaped proppant is focused not just on shape, but on the method of the proppant’s flow. Schlumberger Technology Corporation in Sugar Land, Texas, developed the rod-shaped proppant to coincide with a “channelant,” dissolvable fibers that initially act as a filler material during placement of the proppant, and later dissolve, creating channels for the oil and gas to flow.

Samir Nangia of PacWest says that “initial testing in the field is not promising. Although the product seems to score well in preventing flowback, conductivity results have not matched projections.”

Another rod-shaped proppant, invented by Imerys may have stronger potential, but it’s not in the US yet.

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